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First 4 Figures

Nintendo: Cat Mario - Regular Edition

Merk: First 4 Figures
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In Super Mario 3D World, Mario can transform into the cute and furry Cat Mario by grabbing one of the Lucky Bell or Super Bell Power Ups. He gets a host of new skills, from the ability to scamper up walls with his claws to a speed boost as he runs along on all fours.

First 4 Figures is happy to power-up our Super Mario collection with the adorable Cat Mario. Clutching a shiny, golden Coin in one paw and with the other raised in the classic lucky cat pose, Cat Mario sits atop one of the series’ signature Question Mark Blocks. He’s even wearing Lucky Cat Scarf and Bell around his neck.

Cat Mario is made from the same high quality polystone resin that we use for all of our statues, complete with hand finished detailing and paint work. For an extra special touch, the Gold Coin is shiny and metallic, looking exactly the way that you’d expect to see in in game. The entire statue measures 15” to the tip of Mario’s ears and perfectly matches our previous Tanooki Mario piece.

Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an authenticity card.

Product afmetingen: 

Lengte: 200 mm 
Breedte: 200 mm  
Hoogte: 400 mm 

Oplage: Maar 2000 in de wereld! (Limited)

Release Date: 30/07/2016
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